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Schedule Your Snowplowing & Snow Removal in Midland

Jonathan’s Contracting offers snowplowing that is reliable, convenient, and fairly priced in Midland. We can be counted on to plow snow shortly after a storm has blanketed all of Simcoe County.

Jonathan's Contracting snow plowing truck in Midland area

Snowplowing That Respects Your Lifestyle and Property

As a local company that provides snowplowing in Midland, we can be counted on to clear the way and get you moving again. As professionals we always pay the utmost respect to your property, removing snow without damaging your lawn, and working safely at all times. We will take care and precautions not to damage fences, planters, landscaping, or any other parts of your property while clearing the snow for you.

Please feel free to call or message us to schedule your snow removal and we will be happy to provide an estimate!

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Modern, Well-maintained Snowplowing Equipment Means Reliable Service

At Jonathan’s Contracting we take pride in having some of the best snowplowing equipment available in Canada. We also take pride in taking good care of our plows, shovels, and snowblowers, which means we are ready to go whenever there is snow. That means you can count on us to show up shortly after a storm, clear your driveway or parking lot in a timely manner, and be on our way. When it comes to snowplowing, we take a second shovel to nobody.

Two man in orange and blue uniform shovelling snow in Midland

One-time and Complete Season Snowplowing in Midland

The most convenient way for you to rest assured that your snow has been plowed is to arrange a complete season plan. That ensures that whenever it snows your property will remain accessible and safe. This can be especially beneficial if you have a cottage and are back in Toronto during the winter.

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